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OMR N MORE is one of the best reasonable mobile phone repairing service centers in Ahmedabad as of now, and it will be India's Best soon, where we are fixing all models of smartphones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets.


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We love visitors! Come and visit us at our location in Ahmedabad. Our Technician will check your device and fix it as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can check new gadgets at our shop.

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Buy new or old mobile device at best rate at OMR N MORE PVT LTD. Exchange your old phone with new once at our shop with best rate of your old mobile.

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Mobile Accessories

Cool Accessories to Go With Your New Smartphone

Got a new phone and want to get something great to go with it? Or maybe you're looking to gift something to a mobile-crazy friend or family member, and don't have the budget for a new phone? No problem! There is no shortage of accessories for smartphones. We found some cool accessories that are actually useful, and not just a toy that you discard in a few days.

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manan doshi
manan doshi
10. December, 2023
Best place for Mobile repair & Solution & also all type quality Products
Dipti Purohit
Dipti Purohit
25. September, 2023
Good response by team
Pradip Raval
Pradip Raval
25. September, 2023
Best team best service and great experience
25. September, 2023
Best experience best service
Kamlesh kharadi Kamlesh
Kamlesh kharadi Kamlesh
19. September, 2023
बेस्ट mobile शॉप एंड पॉपुलर शॉप इंn अहमदाबाद
Hema Bhatt
Hema Bhatt
18. September, 2023
Best mobile shop And most popular mobile shop in hathijan and Ahmedabad
Naina Sharma
Naina Sharma
17. September, 2023
Fantastic service and performance. Wishing you all the best for your great work.
Suraj Yadav
Suraj Yadav
15. September, 2023
Best mobile shop in hathijan ahamedabad, best mobile repair shop ,best online repair service. Good job omr