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Our Main Piller of Business

Our strength is in our unparalleled commitment to care for your smartphone and your changing smartpphone needs.

Smart phone

Smart phones

Smart phones

What We Do?

Technology can be complicated, but we have seen it all before and we are utilizing technology in the mobile industry for revolution.

Who We Help?

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your daily smartphone usage increase productivity to help you move.

Why Choose Us?

We have a proven process and expert Technician to help you move your business forward ...

Our Company History

  1. The
    Originated in 2019

    When one of our friends has a regular job and he has no time to go shop and repair his smartphone. We introduce the concept of Online Mobile Repair and Doorstep service.

  2. Running OMR with
    LOCAL .

    To create an ECO System for the Local Public to access the service of OMR - Online Mobile Repair at an affordable rate and comfortable time. It saves a lot of time for many people.

  3. Now OMR know As

    OMRNMORE Pvt. Ltd. is not just an idea, but also a real-time implementation and first step towards making an ECO system. Yes, Now we are company from a few friends. ENABLES you to SELL but also, BUY, RECYCLE, ACCESSORIZE & REPAIR your smartphone, so that every time you visit us, you get all that. you need Many More will coming soon.